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A DeWitt County non-profit has been anxiously awaiting a resolution to the budget stalemate in order to proceed on a much needed project.

The DeWitt County Friendship Center has been awaiting funds through a grant from the State of Illinois to proceed on an expansion of their parking lot. Sissy Leggett is the Executive Director of the center and says it's a much needed project for them.

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Other than the occassional government grants, the Friendship Center relies only on donations, a local taxing entity and then a few small independent grants.

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Relying on donations can be difficult as the economy continues to rebuild in recent years but Leggett says the most reliable revenues are the tax dollars they receive.

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According to Leggett, they also rely on their fundraisers and continue to be appreciative of the support they get from local businesses that not only donate money, but also their services.

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