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 width=Cyber Monday is the busiest online shopping day of the year and local authorities are asking shoppers to be very attentive to what you're doing and also as you travel to shop this holiday season.

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says the craziness of the holiday season started with black Friday last week and Cyber Monday continues the trend. He says it all starts with your computer and what links you're clicking and the security programs.

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When you're out shopping, the Chief recommends limiting how much stuff you carry on your person. He says the more things you carry, the greater a target you become.

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For many, shopping alone can often times allow an individual to Christmas shop and preserve their surprise for the big day, however, Chief Lowers encourages shopping in pairs or groups, especially when going new places.

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As you make online purchases or use payment methods with debit or credit cads, the Chief also encourages you to use utilize online banking options to keep yourself from falling victim to theft and fraudulent charges with those electronic payment options.

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