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 width=A flood warning issued for Clinton earlier in the day Monday has turned into a real possibility for residents in portions of the north and south central areas.

According to information director with the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department Mike Trummel, an old rail road reservoir on the north side of the community is expected overflow. Trummel emphasizes the reservoir is not in any way associated with Clinton Lake.

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Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates the overflow will impact the center of the community. He says severe and flash flooding will be seen from the northeast to the southwest portion of Clinton.

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Trummel says residents on the south side of the community who's homes will be impacted by the flooding can take advantage of approximately 300-500 sandbags.

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Trummel encourages discourages traveling tonight unless completely necessary. He indicates there are still flooded roads across the county and says it is best to turn around if you come across standing water.

With temperatures cooling in the overnight, officials do not anticipate water freezing.


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