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As central Illinois residents are cleaning up following the flood, the University of Illinois Extension and the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) would like to remind residents of some safety tips as concerns about personal health and safety may increase in the following days and weeks.

Doug Gucker, U of I Extension Educator of Local Food Systems and Small Farms of Unit 17, explains flood water could be infected with sewage and other contaminates that could affect personal health.

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Gucker added buildings that have water should be dried out as quickly as possible, and if the moisture doesn’t get out, mold could form. He also mentioned injury can occur if objects that haven’t drained well can be extremely heavy to lift.

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According to a report released by DeWitt County's EMA yesterday, no residents were displaced from there homes despite several flooded areas in town.

Some low lying areas remain impassable according to the report as well.

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