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 width=Two familiar faces returned to the Clinton City Council this spring after the 2015 spring elections and once City official says the transition has been smooth.

Mayor Roger Cyrulik and Commissioner Dan Ballenger returned to the Clinton City this spring and City Administrator Tim Followell (right) indicates the transition of welcoming and integrating the two into City operations has been smooth.

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Upon the arrival of the two back to the Board, there were sweeping changes that took place right off the bat according to Followell.

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According to Followell, one of the first items for the newly elected Mayor was to adjust the outdated liquor codes. He explains Mayor Cyrulik recognized the codes allowed for just one bar establishment, and he has since adjusted that.

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 width=More changes were made as it relates to the liquor codes. Followell indicates there is now an ordinance that allows for liquor to be had on the downtown square for special events. He feels it should allow for more opportunities to utilize the new stage and overhangs on Mr. Lincoln Square.

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Followell says the two new Council members' passion for their respective areas, public safety for Ballenger (below) and the hospital for the Mayor (above), are now running very well.


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