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Looking ahead to 2016, the Clinton City Council will begin work on streets that will set the tone for many years of upkeep in the community.

To understand the project, you must first understand the funding sources. City Administrator Tim Followell indicates there was the approval of a non-home rule sales tax many years ago that was promised to go towards the community's infrastructure. Those funds paired with a recent tax on landlines has allowed the community to build up enough funds to get the ball rolling.

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The plan starts this summer with the resurfacing of Washington Street. According to Followell, the resurfacing starts what is ultimately a $3-million investment into the road infrastructure of the community.

[audio:1041664645-1416streetwork2.mp3] [/audio]

Followell says once the City is able to get itself onto a once every seventh year cycle of upkeep for their roads, it should make their infrastructure second to none in the area.

These improvement plans come on the heels of an announcement by the City to also set in motion plans to upgrade the community's many parks.

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