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Area leaders are breathing a sigh of relief after last week's heavy rains and flooding in DeWitt County left the city without significant damage.

Indications are around three to six inches of rain fell during rains last week right after the Christmas holiday and several parts of Clinton and DeWitt County received more rain than waterways and roads could tolerate. Clinton Public Works Department Director Steve Lobb says the Clinton Streets that were flood quickly subsided.

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The neighborhood behind Cedar Square in Clinton was at the greatest risk to get rain water that would flood up to a structure. Mayor Roger Cyrulik says sandbags that were made available for residents in that part of the City never got used, and was thankful were never needed.

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Commissioner Dan Ballenger says the reservoir on the northeast side of the city is designed to hold water, however, when it overflows, it goes under the railroad tracks, which results in the water seeping into the city and the flood plain.

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DeWitt County was fortunate to be spared from events that have left many without homes and even caused fatalities in other parts of the state.

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