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 width=Tuesday afternoon, State Representative Bill Mitchell (right) made his way through Clinton in a mini tour of his district.

The Representative was touting a bill he is proposing this week in the Illinois Legislature. The bill serves to purposes. The first is to push the General Assembly to balance their budgets every year and ccording to Rep. Mitchell, once the House and Senate have agreed on a budget, the Auditor General must approve the budget as balanced.

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The second part of the bill is to withhold checks for General Assembly. Rep. Mitchell calls the bill is drastic but he feels after the way the state has governed this year, it is necessary.

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Leaders of the DeWitt County Human Resource Center were on hand Tuesday to describe to the Rep. Mitchell the impacts the lack of a state budget have had on their operation, but also their clients.

Executive Director of the DeWitt County Human Resource Center, Lynn Scovill says the ramifications have been drastic and will only get worse the longer the budget stalemate goes on.

Get more details later this week on Regional Radio News.

Rep. Mitchell was also at Richland Community College and the Piatt County Nursing Home Tuesday.

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