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New Facebook Scams;

 width=Facebook scams are real and becoming more common. Here are three to look out for:
The Secret sister scam. This scam promises that if you give $10, 36 others will do the same for you. It is unlikely, mathematically impossible, and illegal. Exchanges are a variation of the pyramid scheme. It’s not a GREAT offer or deal. Ignore it.

The Facebook Lottery scam. You won a prize! But, you have to send money to cover fees and “insurance.” If you wire money, it is GONE, plus scammers will continue to harass for more “fees,”. Victims are often committed to getting that imaginary payoff and loose thousands of dollars. Many realize they have been scammed and are too ashamed to report it. Avoid this by never wiring money in response to a Facebook notification. Facebook accounts are being hacked and cloned to fool victims. If unsure, contact the friend by other means to varify.

The Airline Ticket scam. Promises of free flights by sharing photo, liking a page, and posting comments to win is a set up. This INCREDIBLE offer usually includes a link, if clicked, exposes a computer or mobile device to a scammer. Avoid participating in the “free flights for a year” posts.

Remember that the Sheriff’s Office maintains at scam hotline at 217-935-7867. Give us a call BEFORE you respond to a suspicious offer. You don’t have to leave you name. A Deputy Sheriff will help you determine if you are being scammed. Information provided by the National Association of Triads.

Jered Shofner

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