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A local group dedicated to the well being of children in our communities says they saw a spike in abuse cases in 2015.

Judy Brucker is the Executive Director of the Children's Advocacy Centers and says a trend they're seeing among the spike in cases is offenses committed by juvenile offenders.

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Brucker says it is important to know who you are leaving your children with. She explains they have seen trends where a non-family member might be the one to be a perpetrator.

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When reviewing a year's statistics, Brucker indicates she looks at a number of factors and she says they are seeing their statistics fall in line with what is happening nationally.

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Brucker says in a lot of juvenile cases where an older child is a perpetrator, often times DCFS cannot get involved. She explains in those cases, locally they have tried to identify if that person needs help through treatment rather than go to delinquency court.

She says a lot of those decisions are on a case-by-case basis.

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