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Since 1973, the American League has used the designated hitter rule, and the National League has continued to have pitchers bat. Depending upon your perspective, this either makes the senior circuit a vanguard of tradition or a stubborn holdout (the DH is widely used throughout organized baseball).

Maybe it's the simple passage of time, the desire for uniformity, the fresh memory of recent injuries and near-injuries on the part of pitchers batting and running the bases, or maybe it's all of that. Whatever the case, support for the DH making its way to the NL seems to be rising within the game.

For evidence of that claim, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Dispatch tweeted quote- "Mozeliak says there is "more momentum" in discussions with GMs and owners for the DH coming into the National League."

quite obviously, he's in position to take an accurate temperature-reading of the mood within baseball. This isn't to say that such a tectonic shift is imminent -- such things tend to move slowly. Rather, it's to say that support for change seems to be building among some of the most powerful figures in the game.

As for Mozeliak, he certainly hasn't forgotten about a play from last season where star pitcher Adam Wainwright went down after running the bases with an Achilles injury. Wainwright wouldn't pitch again until Sept. 30 and wouldn't make another start at all in 2015.

>>Cubs Co-Owner Calls Mets Fans 'Really, Really Obnoxious'

 width=This past season, the Cubs dimmed the glow of their 97-win regular season by getting swept by the Mets in the NLCS. Regarding that disappointment, Cubs co-owner and board member Todd Ricketts was left with unfavorable impression of Mets rooters.

Patrick Mooney of Comcast Sports Net tweeted Saturday quote- "#Cubs board member Todd Ricketts: "I don't know if you know this, but #Mets fans are really, really obnoxious."

Mr. Ricketts' better half is similarly disinclined to think very much of the Queenslanders. Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune tweeted similarly Saturday quote- "Todd Ricketts not a Mets fan, neither is his wife. 'She really, really hates the Mets.'"

Yet to come to light is what Mets fans did to engender such antipathy, but there it is just the same.

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