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If you're going to be in the market for the many programs Social Security offers, it is likely whatever your business, it can be taken care of online.

Kevin Rice with Social Security says most of their services are available to you online. He explains their website, socialsecurity.gov, has come a long ways and it updated frequently.

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One of the great tools that Social Security has created in recent years is their retirement estimator. Rice says it can be utilized by anyone at any stage of their professional career.

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If you begin receiving social security benefits, Rice says there's just about anything you can do online. He says their online options range from changing banking information for payments to changing your address to finding out what you're benefits are.

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Doing things online isn't for everyone and Rice says there's always offices located near you. He says the old fashion way of calling and making an appointment or walking into an office and getting help is always available.

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The website again is www.socialsecurity.gov or to contact a Social Security represenetative, call 800-772-1213.

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