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Surprised teachers and curious students were greeted Thursday morning by members of the Clinton Community Educational Foundation's board as they received teacher grants they applied for at the beginning of the year.

Barbara Gullone and Nancy Stokowski along with administrators of the various school buildings interrupted class time briefly for eight classrooms across the Clinton School District to award them with their grants. Gullone indicates around $7-thousand was awarded this year.

According to Gullone, they try to award between $8 and $10-thousand a year. She says the grants allow teachers to enhance their education.

Mary Diener is the Principal of Clinton Elementary School where $39-hundred was awarded in grants across four classrooms. She says the grants allow greater opportunities for students while not straining the school's budget.

Several of the grant awards went towards technology and Dawn Timmerman, Assistant Principal of Clinton Elementary School, says the technology piece of their curriculum continues to grow.

Diener says the CCEF has been so supportive of the district and her school specifically. She points out their contributions go far beyond just the classroom grants, but also several assemblies they have been able to put on thanks to their efforts.

Clinton Elementary Classroom Grants went to:

>>Mrs. Peterson's fifth grade students for DARE shirts and their annual celebration. The grant was for $1000.

>>Mrs. Coffman and Mrs. Samp for their reading class good for $1000 in new books.

>>Mrs. Moliotoris and Mrs. Kessinger received $1000 for a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 3D printer.

>>Mrs. Bostic's third grade class received a $900 grant for gingerbread communities.

>>At Clinton High School, Mr. Baldwin's class received a $920 grant for a one-to-one data collection.

>>Mrs. Werts' high school physical education class received $975 for their self-defense curriculum in conjunction with the Clinton Police Department.

>>Mrs. Torbert's classroom at Lincoln Elementary School received $160 for books with CDs for their listening center. 

>>Mrs. Maurer's junior high school classroom received a $1000 grant. (Mrs. Maurer was gone at the time of the grant award)

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