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A precision conservation program geared to get more farmers engaged in best management practices that protect water quality and prevent nutrient loss has been awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The Precision Conservation Management (PCM) program was submitted by the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA) to the USDA for consideration for funding under the agency's Regional Conservation Partnership Program.


The PCM program is designed to achieve 4 main priorities.


The first is to promote adoption of conservation practices by providing farmers with an informed assessment of financial risks and benefits resulting from adoption of new practices.


It encourages participation in conservation programs by providing data entry and paperwork submission services, data management, and report generation serviced to meet the requirements of Natural Resources Conservation Service and Field to Market.


It hopes to track, analyze, and demonstrate changes in farmer practices by providing aggregated and anonymized data for analysis of conservation practices from agronomic and economic perspectives, including analysis at a watershed or millshed scale.


And finally, to achieve natural resource benefits on the farm and over a large-scale, regional basis that improve crop productivity, water quality, soil health, and help avoid the need for regulatory requirements.


More information about the PCM program can be found on the IL Corn website at www.ilcorn.org/pcm.

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