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Looking to the future is the name of the game in the DeWitt County Sheriff's office lately.

Sheriff Jered Shofner explains they are in the midst of updating their strategic plan, which will lay out a vision for their department for the next five years.

According to Sheriff Shofner, they hope to attack three areas. He says community engagement, community partnerships and continued professionalism.

Community involvement is a top priority for the Sheriff and he feels coming up with a plan to engage different demographics. He feels they get so caught up in dealing with criminals they forget to engage with the law abiding citizens.

The Sheriff's office will approach technology in their strategic plan update. The Sheriff says they have to be careful when it comes to social media and their presence online.

Sheriff Shofner points out, what people often don't realize is the law enforcement officials of the community are involved in other aspects, and he hopes to highlight those things and get their officers more involved and active.

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