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State Senator Chapin Rose says issues surrounding the Mahomet Aquifer and the Clinton Landfill have made a lot of positive progress in the past year but he's hoping to do more.

Sen. Rose says landmark events like the Clinton Landfill withdrawing their permit to house PCB's at their site to the EPA declaring it a sole-source aquifer have given central Illinois a lot of momentum on this front.

Sen. Rose has introduced a bill that would require EPA testing of any landfill that is on top of the Mahomet Aquifer. He emphasizes just how big the aquifer is and it's impact on the area.

According to Sen. Rose, he wants the Illinois EPA to develop a list of where landfills. He explains says closed landfills could be as dangerous as ones that are open.

Sen. Rose wants landfills to begin posting about what types of waste they receive. He wants to see material experts and scientists get involved in the process of protecting the Mahomet Aquifer. 

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