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Dairy Can Help Boost Metabolism, Energy Levels

Sunset is getting later and later with each passing week, bringing vibes that spring and longer days are just around the corner.


But that doesn't mean those winter blues have gone away. A local representative of the dairy industry points out dairy can help you boost your energy levels to get you through the day. Monica Nyman with the St. Louis District Dairy Council indicates the nutrition in dairy is a big a boost.



Nyman also points dairy can do something a lot of other "energy products" cannot, and this is help sustain energy levels. Nyman says the biggest thing is starting out your day with a good breakfast.


Eating smaller meals throughout the day can also be a way to find yourself with more energy. Nyman explains skipping meals is not a good idea and encourages using the my plate model for your meals.



Nyman encourages asking the question, "are you getting a lot of nutrition for the amount of calories you're consuming?" She notes getting a good start to the day with breakfast may be something that has to be prepared ahead of time.


For more tips on how how dairy can help improve your energy levels, visit stldairycouncil.org. 

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