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Clinton Superintendent Discusses Upcoming Sales Tax Referendum

In less than two weeks, voters of DeWitt County will not only be asked about what Presidential candidates they would like to see on the ballots come November, but they will also be asked about a referendum to implement a 1-percent sales tax for DeWitt County schools.


Superintendent Curt Nettles believes the tax will be a win-win for the district. He feels the funds generated will allow them to continue to maintain their facilities at a high level and eventually could lead to a reduction in the levy for the district.



The biggest question associated with the sales tax is what purchases will it impact? Nettles indicates things like vehicle sales, agriculture equipment and unprepared foods are not going to be taxed.



New facilities and additional state of the art technology in classrooms are all part of areas where the sales tax could go and the Clinton district has a lot of both. Nettles does not want to send the message this is the district's way of paying for those things.



Nettles does not shy away from addressing how things in central Illinois and the state could effect things within Clinton Schools. He feels Clinton Schools are in excellent shape, but if things come to pass that would hinder those opportunities for students, some serious questions would have to be asked.



One thing Nettles points out is the sales tax also taps in to visitors to the community. He says when the schools host basketball tournaments, like the girls sectionals here last week, or summer basketball tournaments, the community would benefit from the dollars spent by those visitors.


The Illinois primary is March 15.

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