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DeWitt County Maintenance Crews Drawing Praise From Leaders

DeWitt County leaders are praising the work of the new DeWitt County maintenance director and his staff.


County Board member Cris Rogers says the work of Kevin Kemp and his staff in the maintenance department has saved the tax payers money. He points to recent work at Clinton Lake Marina the maintenance department has taken on that they didn't have to.



Additionally, smaller projects, like a leak in one of the walls of the County Building, are now being taken care of by the staff as well. Rogers says he has been really pleased with the things they are doing.


County Board Chair David Newberg says the reinstatement of the Committee system has stabilized the County Maintenance Department. Rogers credits the Board Chair does a great job of delegating the work needed to be done.



The Clinton Lake Marina continues to be a major focal point of the County Board, even after a recent effort to bring the Marina up to compliance with the American Disabilities act.

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