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DeWitt County Sheriff: Heroin Epidemic Growing Locally

The use of heroin is beginning to make its way from the larger areas of the country and are starting to impacting communities like Clinton.


DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner indicates the epidemic is as bad as he's seen in his time in DeWitt County.



The Sheriff indicates the issue presented with heroin is that it is becoming more potent and at the same time it is becoming more inexpensive.



The drug is taking it's toll on the community. Sheriff Shofner indicates one day a person may get a batch that won't kill them but that doesn't mean the next one won't.



According to Sheriff Shofner, an individual's need for heroin most often stems from their use of other stimulants that they have lost access to, so they are turning to heroin.



The Sheriff's message is still up today at dewittdailynews.com. He outlines further information about the epidemic in the County and what can be done to help those who may be struggling with this.


The Sheriff implores the public who knows anyone who is addicted or dealing or is involved in anyone to take action immediately.


Sheriff Shofner will join the WHOW morning show Thursday at 9 am to talk further about this problem locally. 

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