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New Social Security Feature To Help You Find Information Quicker

If you're online searching for the answer to a question but having trouble, a new feature might just help you get the answer quicker.


Jack Myers with Social Security says they've revamped their website once again to include a "dynamic help" feature. Myers explains this feature will display information that is similar to the page you're on.



Myers also indicates if you can't find what you're looking for, there is now a feature that will pop up at the Social Security website, and it will ask if you'd like to speak to a Social Security representative. They will call you within 30 minutes.



People between 60 and 69 make up the largest percentage of the My Social Security customers online. Myers says while that is not surprising, he feels it disproves the myth that only millennials use online for their information.



The Social Security website is www.socialsecurity.gov.


Myers stresses to make sure you use dot-gov in your URL and not dot-com. 

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