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Sen. Rose, EPA Come To Agreements on Area Landfills Over Mahomet Aquifer

Just a few short weeks ago, State Sen. Chapin Rose discussed bills he is introducing to have the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency take control in the effort to protect the Mahomet Aquifer.


Today (Thursday), Sen. Rose announced several agreements by the EPA. The first calls for regular testing of landfills that are on top of the Mahomet Aquifer.



The other agreement addresses old dumps that are either closed or were put up before modern design standards were introduced. Sen. Rose says this agreement puts together a list of those and gives residents information on those old landfills.



Sen. Rose credits the Illinois EPA for coming to him and building on the efforts he was making. He credits the change in administration in Springfield and the Governor for a change from the EPA.



Sen. Rose feels the legislation and agreement is going to bring more science to the discussion and less emotion be a part of the process.



Illinois EPA Director Lisa Bonnett said quote -“Illinois is pleased to work with Senator Rose to demonstrate the benefits of cooperation for a common goal. Performing enhanced monitoring and sharing of the data will ensure the long-term protection and health of this important sole source aquifer.”


As a part of the agreement, the samples will be collected at least four times a year for three years starting this year, 2016 and last until 2018. The findings will also be published to the Illinois EPA website.

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