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DeWitt County Schools, Wapella Tax Referendums Fail; Van Valey Wins Circuit Clerk

Two tax refendums failed and a new Circuit Clerk was voted on Tuesday night to run in the general election in November, as a part of the local races in the Illinois primary.


Michelle Van Valey is the winner of the DeWitt County Circuit Clerks race, defeating incumbent Pam Barnes, 19-12 to 1769.


Van Valey appreciates all the support she received from voters and those who helped her campaign.



Van Valey says her first order of business is to provide stability to the office. She indicates she'd like to keep the employees of the office on when she takes over.



Currently working in the State's Attorney's office, Van Valey explains the role of the Circuit Clerk is to work together with almost every office in the County Building.



The DeWitt County Schools sales tax referendum failed on a preliminary vote of 2753 to 2304, or 54% to 46%.


The Village of Wapella's tax proposal failed 87-53.


The Farmer City Fire Protection District's tax proposal overwhelmingly passed, 794-173, or 82% to 18%.


Additionally, the turnout for this year's election was well above average. County Clerk Dana Smith indicates the 43% turnout far exceeded what she thought they would reach. She indicates whenever there is a presidential race involved in the vote, the turnout usually increases.


She also indicates the vote tallies are not official yet because there are absentee ballots to be counted, and those will become final in two weeks.


In non-contested races from Tuesday's primary:


The State's Attorney's office had one filing, and that was incumbent Republican Dan Markwell.


County Treasurer, Gloria Wills was the only candidate as a Republican.


Coroner Randy Rice will be unopposed in the November general election as a Republican.


In County Board District A, the November ballot will include incumbent Republican Cole Ritter, Democrat incumbent Camille Redman, and Democrat Lance Reece.


In County Board District C, the November ballot will include incumbent Republican David Newberg, who is the board chair, along with Republican Jay Wickenhauser and Democrat Scott Nimmo.


Karle Koritz will be the Republican candidate for Sixth Circuit Judge. 

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