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State's Bills Stacking Up Higher and Higher

March elections are over and the state still remains in a miserable budget situation. Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger says that things are only getting worse and now the state is going have $10 billion in unpaid debts by the end of the summer. 
The difference is partly because not all unpaid bills are counted the same. She says today before a Senate appropriations committee that the state owes $7.6 billion in bills the state is required to pay by court order. There is another $1.25 billion that’s owed to vendors under contract – but the state isn’t under a mandate to pay them right now. 
Munger says her and her office staff deal with daily request for the state to pay what it owes.
The state is closing in nearly a year without a budget. The next fiscal year is set to begin July 1. 

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