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DeWitt County Human Resource Center Nearing Breaking Point

A local non-profit almost daily is impacted by the budget crisis in Illinois and their leaders says things are as bad as they have been.


Executive Director of the DeWitt County Human Resource Center, Lynn Scovill, says while some areas that receive state funding are starting to be impacted now, HRC was negatively impacted from the start.



Tough choices have become the norm for agencies like HRC but Scovill says the longer the stalemate in Springfield drags on the more tough choices HRC is making. Scovill says they have cut several direct service staffers.



Scovill indicates the waiting period for certain services has reached three months. She explains they have been up and down options to cut costs but still provide services.



The news has not all been doom and gloom though for HRC. Scovill explains individuals, businesses and groups have stepped up to support them during this time and she says any amounts, large or small are gratefully accepted and very much appreciated.



Scovill indicates while there is not a specific date where they will have to shut their doors, she says the struggle becomes more and more intense with each passing week. She says the seriousness of their situation is very real.



Scovill indicates they are keeping the public updated on their situations as much as possible via their Facebook pages. She thanks those in the community have stepped up to provide financial assistance and for those that are advocating on their behalf in any way. 

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