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Spring Time Safety Information From Local Law Enforcement

There's been plenty of opportunity for local residents to get outside and begin spring clean up efforts or just enjoy the unseasonably nice weather this March in central Illinois.


With this nice weather and the desire to break out of the house and spend time outside comes many challenges for local law enforcement. Police Chief Ben Lowers says as you begin to spend time outside, be respectful of your neighbors. Noise complaints may be one of the most common they receive as residents seek to spend more time together and outside.



With school districts on spring break or heading to spring break soon, Chief Lowers says the warmer weather is most certainly going to attract youth outside and he encourages motorists to be mindful of that as they travel through residential neighborhoods.



Bikers have most likely pulled the motorcycles out for the season and Chief Lowers encourages very cautious driving when around them. He notes it is rare when you get into an accident with a biker that it is their fault.



Along with families getting out and increase in foot traffic on community streets, Chief Lowers notes more dogs are with those pedestrians. He encourages keeping dogs on a leash at all times.



The Chief encourages when driving at all times to put the cell phones and electronic devices away, but especially in residential areas where there may be children playing.


He also continues to warn car owners to lock their vehicles that are parked on community streets as they anticipate a spike in vehicle burglaries this time of year.

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