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Clinton Resident Forever Changed By Heroin Use

Community law enforcement officials along with other community leaders recently got together to begin to take steps to curb the growing problem of heroin.


Numerous lives have already been taken by this epidemic and one resident was a part of this discussion. Stephanie Pollock says she lost her husband not ten years ago to a heroin overdose, and says when she found out her husband was using drugs, she was in denial.



Pollock has two children who are now fatherless because of this drug and she says her story is far too common across the state and country. She indicates she has watched one of her closest friends feel the same pain she felt nearly eight years ago.



DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner says their current way of dealing with anyone caught in possession of heroin is not acceptable. He says it's going to take some outside the box thinking to break down barriers associated with combating heroin locally.



Sheriff Shofner explains it took him a long time to understand the effects of heroin on the human brain. He indicates it rewires the human brain and could take several attempts at rehab before sobriety is reached.



Since her husband's death in 2008, Pollock has been hard at work with various groups to promote ways to curb the epidemic. She says there are couple laws she hopes to see passed by the legislature which could help.



Pollock notes bringing someone back from an overdose using Narcan, or naloxone, is extremely painful. Pollock encourages you to do your research on this issue and learn as much as you can.


The Sheriff indicates there are very few families that are not impacted by someone using heroin. He indicates law enforcement locally are trying to get the right people on board to address this public health issues this has become but they are also looking at reforms from a law enforcement standpoint.

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