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Clinton Schools Approve Strategic Plan

For several months now, Clinton Schools Superintendent Curt Nettles has been at work with staff and the school board to construct an update to the school's strategic plan.


Nettles explains the plan outlines and evaluates what is in place for education, technology and the budget and how to improve in those areas. Nettles says while the plan is approved, there is still a community piece to the plan.



As a part of that process, Nettles indicates there will be a needs assessment along with gathering input from the community. He hopes to make Clinton a true community school through this process.



Nettles explains the written document they have created is roughly a two year outline. He calls it a starting point but it is not going to sit for two years without being evaluated or adjusted.



Funding is a big part of the strategic plan and Nettle indicates there are a lot of moving parts as it relates to that because of the state budget crisis and the uncertainty of the power plant situation.



Goals of the strategic plan include a new program to improve the foundation for elementary and junior high students for career and vocational skills and a plan for facilities and more specifically, unused lots. 

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