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The theme of the summer in Clinton for the Public Works Department will be street improvements.


Public Works Director Steve Lobb indicates there are a number of projects they are going to be taking on this summer, starting with better drainage on Jefferson Street. He says this stems from issues former drainage areas being filled in to compensate for more parking.



According Lobb, Elm Street from White Street to Main Street will be worked on. He indicates handicap ramps will be added at each corner and they are planning to resurface the road.



Lobb indicates, he hopes to get these projects going in the next months, though some of it will have to wait until school is out for the summer.



Lobb says the City is fortunate to be in a position to be able to take on several projects at once this summer.


He also indicates thanks to some freed up tax dollars, the Public Works Department will be taking on more summer maintenance work. We'll have more on this next week on Regional Radio News.

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