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An overlap in a couple of hunting seasons that open this week have DNR officials asking those who will be active to be cautious as they are out at Clinton Lake.


John Williamson is a DNR Conservation Police Officer and indicates turkey season opens today and coinciding with that is mushroom hunting season. Because of that, the times for harvesting are different during the day at Clinton Lake.



Where officials run into issues is when mushroom hunters are out before the the time slot to mushroom hunt, and they have run-ins with turkey hunters. Williamson indicates, it is the safest practice to come out and mushroom only during the times designated.



In addition to the hunters that might be out at Clinton Lake sites, Williamson also notes they have frequent issues with those walking in the North Fork area of Clinton Lake. He says the walking and bike trail in that part of the County shuts down during the morning hours of turkey season, which is much to the disappointment of the regulars out there.



Williamson says mushroom hunting at Clinton Lake is extremely popular. He also notes if you want to turkey hunt at Clinton Lake, you need a Clinton Lake turkey permit.


He indicates turkey hunting isn't the biggest season at Clinton Lake but there is enough interest to make it a safety hazard.

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