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The Clinton City Public Works Department will soon be in full swing on their summer maintenance work and the leader of the streets department indicates the city is set to take on more work this summer.


Twice as much street surface area is about how much more work the city will take on according to Public Works Director Steve Lobb. He notes the city is in a position they can take on more work.



Lobb indicates once the weather breaks, on top of the work they have planned not a part of the summer maintenance, they will get to work because there is a lot to do.



Funds are generally made available for summer maintenance work, which totals around $100-thousand. Lobb says the Motor Fuel Tax funds are already earmarked, but there is an infrastructure fund that has allowed the city to expand their budget.



Lobb says most of the summer maintenance work will be oil and chip as in years past, but they are going to have more areas of the community to be able to work on.

Regional Radio News will have more on this as the time nears for the work to begin. 

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