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You’ve heard of the emerald ash borer, but there’s another invasive insect causing problems in the area that you might not know about.


Scott Schirmer, Plant and Pesticide Specialist Supervisor with the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture, says that gypsy moths are a big threat to trees, especially oaks.



Schirmer adds the flakes are not like the regular pesticides that are sometimes sprayed on crops – they’re about the size of cupcake sprinkles.



So, the dept. will be applying pheromone flakes to about 25,000 acres of land in LaSalle and Putnam counties to help prevent an increase in the population of these pests.


The flakes are not harmful to humans, animals, plants, or other insects, and merely prevent the adult male moths from seeking out females to breed with. The flakes will be applied aerially on June 25th and 27th, depending on weather conditions.

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