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A non-profit group has targeted DeWitt County's Weldon Springs as the focus of their efforts this summer.


In July and August, Trails for Illinois will lead a group of volunteers aiming to rebuild and improve the trails at Weldon Springs. Steve Buchtel (pictured right) is the Executive Director for Trails for Illinois, and explains they team with several other groups to improve the trails in Illinois parks.



According to Buchtel, Weldon Springs has a lot of work to be done but not the manpower to get it done. He says Weldon Springs has a lot of potential.



The goal of Trails for Illinois is to help communities take funds that are leaving the state through federal taxes, and bring those back to Illinois to make an impact where they came from.



Buchtel indicates, when the time comes for the Springs to be worked on, they will need community support. To learn about how you can get involved in that effort, visit trailsforillinois.org/iltrailcorps. 

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