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Education funding reform passed the Illinois Senate this week. It’s been a two year push by Andy Manar, a Democrat from Blue Mound. But the bill came up with just one Republican vote, Sam McCann.


The partisan nature of the debate bothered Manar; he says that failing to do anything to change the system will cause it to further erode. And simply moving ahead with the Governor’s plan of restoring foundation level spending continues to make sure poorer district stay that way.



Opponents to the bill note that some districts will lose out on funding. Manar says some of those districts already have huge cash reserves and in a few years when those schools do see less state funding they will be able to adjust.



Governor Rauner's plan will spend $55 million more but opponents to it say it will send it more cash into a broken system where the wealthiest districts continue to start even further ahead of the poorest. 

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