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Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have a lot to consider right now as the spring legislative session begins to wind down, yet heat up at the same time.


State Sen. Chapin Rose says the nuclear energy bill has his full attention as the deadline of May 24 nears for the Exelon Clinton Nuclear Power Station's self-imposed timeline for decommissioning their facility.



A public hearing was held yesterday and Sen. Rose indicates that is the next step in the legislation moving forward. The Senator says amendments continue to be made and notes early next week, we could see the legislation on the Senate floor.



The question becomes what will the Speaker of the House do as Sen. Rose hopes there might be a way to extend the May 31 deadline.



Sen. Rose says there was a panic among lawmakers in recent months to start to get something done with the budget, and that energy and focus towards the budget has taken away from the negotiations for the nuclear energy bill in Illinois.



Sen. Rose indicates there's a number of issues the Clinton Power Plant faces, however, there's only one that the State of Illinois can address, and that would be the bringing the plant in line as a renewable energy and clean energy source rather than just carbon-free.


There is another rally scheduled in Springfield scheduled for next week. Tuesday, May 31, buses will leave Clinton High School at 9:30 am and will return at 2 pm from Springfield.


For more information, contact the DeWitt County Development Council at 217-935-0500. 

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