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Clinton's biggest health services provider will soon be under a new name.


Monday night at the Dr. John Warner Hospital Board meeting, the board approved a new name for the city-owned facility. CEO Paul Skowron (right) explains the name Warner Hospital and Health Services will be its new title.



Skowron indicates he was very careful in how he approached the topic of a change to the name of the Dr. John Warner hospital. He explains he approached John Warner IV and got his approval.



Skowron believes a change in the name of the hospital will provide a fresh perspective for those outside the community on what the facility is all about and also believes it will help in the recruitment of providers.



Additionally Monday night, Skowron presented the Board with a new vision and mission statement. Skowron's proposal focuses on the customer experience and building off that.



The values of the hospital will be an acronym around the word "patient" and for Skowron, it starts with professionalism. He says everything in their values is has the patient at the heart of everything.



This was a process that started at the Board level in February and Skowron says this was a process they took very seriously. He feels this is going to lay the foundation for the future of the hospital for many years to come.



Board President Aaron Kammeyer (right) indicates there's a saying among some staffers at the hospital, "it's a new day at Dr. J" and backed the proposals. He believes it will bring new life into the facility.


The Clinton City Council will have to approve the name change for the Board to move forward with it. Along with the name change, leadership plans to roll a new website with a new URL. 

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