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A budget year has come and gone and there's no budget in place from the last fiscal year and the current fiscal year is without a spending plan.


State Senator Chapin Rose says all this proves the democrats of Illinois, who have a super-majority in both chambers, cannot govern.



According to Sen. Rose, democrats pride themselves on being the 'compassionate party' and the party that will take care of people, but he says, when it boils down to it, they don't know how to do that.



Sen. Rose says the democratic party ran the State for 12 years and now there's dissension in the party.



According to Sen. Rose, the legislature is going to work on a bridge budget that the Governor proposed yesterday. He believes this could have been taken care of already but is hoping cooler heads prevail.



The Senator says there was a plan for bridge funding through the end of the year to allow lawmakers to negotiate a permanent solution and that fell through. 

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