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With the Illinois General Assembly on a short break after failed attempts to negotiate a budget, a local lawmaker says it's time the state get back to work and get things figured out.


Rank and file lawmakers all over Illinois have made calls in the last year to remain in Springfield until a budget is in place and now State Representative Bill Mitchell (right) is calling on his colleagues to get to Springfield and get to work.



A budget passed by Illinois House Democrats two week ago weighed in at approximately $40 billion in spending with only $33 billion in estimated revenue.


Rep. Mitchell calls the Democrats budget unbalanced and unconstitutional and adds it was $7 billion out-of-balance and would require a 47% tax hike to pay for all the additional spending.


Democrats in the Illinois Senate refused to pass such a massively unbalanced budget and the General Assembly adjourned on May 31 without any approved budget for Fiscal Year 2017, which beings July 1.

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