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Community park improvements have been a growing theme in Clinton lately and last week was another example of that when the Clinton Rotary Club in partnership with the City of Clinton finished two phases of a three phase upgrade to their park on South Quincy Street.


Bryce Lynch, a member of the Clinton Rotary Club was one of the leaders in the effort. He explains Rotary Park was in a state of disrepair, the organization recognized something needed to be done, so they set out to fix the problem.



The pickle ball courts (right) and new playground equipment (above) are just the first two phases of a three phase project fo the Rotary Club.  Rotary President Greg Taylor says the final phase would be an eight-foot wide bike path around the park.




The City fronted some money for the upgrades to the park for the Rotary Club. According to Tim Followell, the City does things like that often with the understanding the groups will pay the money back over time and because the volunteers they receive from those groups are irreplaceable.




The Rotary Club is actively seeking out funding opportunities for their final phase. 

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