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It’s looking like the Independent Map Amendment will be on the November ballot in Illinois. 
Supporters gathered about double the number of required signatures, and next up is a court challenge by opponents, followed by a voter information campaign, according to independent map amendment chair Dennis Fitzsimons;
Legal precedent indicates the court will approve putting the amendment on the ballot. If approved in November, it will form an independent commission to draw state legislative districts with the goal of making as many as possible competitive. Right now, the districts are drawn by the legislature, putting as many incumbents as possible in ‘safe’ districts.
FitzSimons says a similar initiative in California in 2008 has brought big changes to that state;
A decade ago, California was facing similar gridlock and budget problems that we are facing now in Illinois. Since the passage of a fair map amendment, California has turned things around and now runs budget surpluses. 
For more information on the Independant Map Amendment you can go online to Map-Amendment-dot-org.

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