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Reactions from the budget bill past last week continue to roll in.


Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Curt Nettles says he is pleased with the budget getting passed, as it takes a huge weight off his shoulders and definitely is pleased education will be fully funded in Illinois.



According to Nettles, he says there is some apprehension on his part because the state has a spending problem in addition a revenue problem. He is skeptical education in Illinois could be fully funded the entire year.



Education being fully funded is a good thing for Clinton schools because of the likely de-valuing of the Clinton Power Station. Nettles indicates as the decreasing and eventual loss of revenue from the power station looms, they continue to monitor the budget very closely.



Nettles says another benefit to the state passing a budget for education is they will now be able to access the federal dollars they receive, which totals close to a million dollars. 

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