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While he's thankful the State of Illinois has agreed to fully fund education, a local school leader says it is a little misleading.


Mike Williams is the Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth schools and says the frustration for him comes from the legislature taking the easy way out and passing a budget to the next election.



While education is being fully funded in the proposal, Williams says that is a little misleading because the funding levels are from 2008 and so much of their costs are greater in fiscal year '17 than they were almost a decade ago.



Williams also notes he is a little apprehensive the state will actually fully fund education for the entire year. He says if in a year from the now the checks are all in and the money is all there, that is when he'll believe they have fully funded education.



Williams says Maroa-Forsyth Schools rely heavily on local tax dollars, and he indicates that keeps the money they receive regularly on time. He says he would much rather receive local dollars than state dollars because local dollars are far more reliable. 

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