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Congress is headed on a month’s long break at the end of the week but one US Senator says a nasty pest won’t be taking the summer off. 


US Senator Dick Durbin says that the Senate has done their part, passing a billion dollar bill but the House of Representatives loaded that bill up with additional amendments that sunk its chances of passage. He says this week is the last chance to help fight the problem before the summer winds down.



Durbin says that even if the mosquitoes never make it to Illinois people travel all over the globe now and they can be vulnerable when abroad.



Misquotes carrying Zika are spreading around the tropics and the federal government wants money to help combat the spread of the biting flying insects that carry and spread the disease.

According to Durbin more than 3600 people in the US have contracted Zika and five months ago the call went out for $1.9 billion in funding and nothing was done in Congress. 

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