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It's still not too late to join the Warner Library's Summer Reading Club.


The summer reading club encourages a summer that includes short stints in a good book or story for kids to teens to adults. Librarian Paula Lopatic says the summer months are a very important time in the academic devleopment of a child.



Lopatic says reading doesn't always mean sitting on the couch or on a bed with a book in front of them. She's explains there's several different environments reading can take place.



The summer reading club at the Warner Library encourages students to read around 15 minutes per day and when students read, they can enter for several prizes to be given away throughout the summer.



Lopatic says research is starting to show student's math skills stay elevated when students continue to read during the summer.


Getting registered for the summer reading club is very simple. Students will need to come to the library and know what grade they have completed along with a phone number for parents.

The library is located at 310 North Quincy Street. Visit vwarner.org for more information. 

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