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The young, the old, the fast and slow have all gotten into Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go takes gamers all over their community and others collecting Pokemon characters with other games along the way. One Bloomington/Normal entity is catering to those gamers next week as they will host a special event to allow users to collect the characters available in the zoo.


Jay Tetzloff is the Superintendent of the Miller Park Zoo and say their facility is home to at least a couple characters at all times, so Tuesday night (July 26) they are opening the zoo up to the Pokemon Go gamers to collect the characters.



Tetzloff hopes to give gamers access to the pieces to their game, but at the same time, maybe get a few interested in the zoo and coming back again for more.



Tetzloff also serves as Parks Director in Bloomington and indicates the parks are getting utilized a lot more since the introduction Pokemon Go.



Again the event is Tuesday, July 26 from 5 pm to 7 pm. Admission is $5. 

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