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The Clinton Fire Department recently made the expedition 600 miles away to return a piece of history to a Pennsylvania town.


Picture Right: Clinton Fire Chief David Dallas (left) with Johstown Fire Chief Anthony Kovacic (right)


Clinton Police Fire David Dallas along with Commissioner Dan Ballenger took a bell to Johnstown, PA, the site of a tragic flood in the late 1800's that was at the time, the largest disaster for civilian casualties.


Chief Dallas says it was a humbling experience for them as they were treated very well by leaders in Johnstown.



A catastrophic flood in 1889 devastated the community along the Conemaugh River. Johnstown, PA, about 66 miles east of Pittsburgh, was devastated to a broken dam in 1889 after torrential rains. The flood killed over 22-hundred people in the town and was considered at the time, the largest loss of civilian life. The 1900 Galveston Hurricane and September 11 terrorist attacks are the two bigger catastrophes of loss of civilian life in American history.


In the aftermath of the devastation, Chief Dallas indicates the Clinton community rallied to raise money to send to the Johnstown Fire Department and provide help. In return, a bell was given to the CFD department and they returned it this past weekend.

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