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Students from across the state will be returning to classes next week as the 2016-17 school year gets underway.


As students return to the classroom, rural communities can expect an increase in youth on the sidewalks and crossing the streets to get to school each day. Clinton Police Officer Mike Bennett says it's imperative motorist be away of students walking and aware of the school zone speed limits.



Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates school zone speed limits are in effect all day, any day students are in class. Officer Bennett says it doesn't matter if children are present, he says slow down.



Officers Bennett says school bus safety is also imperative. He says motorists need to be aware of stopped buses and if they see the stop sign up and the arm out, they need to stop.



Officer Bennett says it's a good idea for students that might be attending a new school building in Clinton to become familiar with what bus they need to take after school and the pick and drop off locations for the buses near their homes.


Students in Clinton return to school Wednesday, August 17. 

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