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Traveling during the summer months is standard in today's world for young athletes, but competing in at a national level normally isn't.


For one Clinton Junior High School student, this summer was spent preparing and competing at a national level in a track and field event.


Kolby Weiss (right) started her 8th grade year this week but her summer was anything but standard. She explains part of her summer was spent in Texas at the nationals for pole vaulting.



Weiss has worked with Clinton High School Pole Vault coach Ken Lovett. Weiss explains originally she watched her older brother pole vault and decided she wanted to try it as well.



Weiss says watching the summer Olympics every night is driving her to find out how good she can go and how good she can be.


As a 7th grader, Weiss placed sixth at the IESA State meet.


This summer at the AAU Junior Olympics, Weiss placed second in Houston, TX. 

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