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A DeWitt County non-profit organization is celebrating a $100-thousand donation from a local resident.


Alison Rumler-Gomez is Executive Director of Community Action and indicates the gift was a complete surprise to her and says it was designated to expand their food pantry program exclusively in DeWitt County.



For now, the agency is exploring any and all options to improve their food pantry program in DeWitt County. Rumler-Gomez indicates that is an area of the agency that they want to improve.



Rumler-Gomez says the $100-thousand gift will likely keep the food bank in DeWitt County open forever as they seek to re-invest it and use to expand their program.



Rumler-Gomez indicates they are going to be researching this very extensively and create some focus groups as well. She indicates it will likely be late spring of 2017 before everything is in place and they are ready to roll out an expansion of their programming.

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