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The start of the scheduled trails restoration at Weldon Springs State Park is going to be delayed by a few weeks.


Due to scheduling with the volunteers with the organization that has planned the restorations, the project is delayed until early September. Steve Buchtel, with Trails for Illinois says it was his plan to spend most of his summer in Clinton but this has changed that.



According to Buchtel, Weldon Springs' trails are like many across the state and weren't properly put together originally. It's their goal to go in and make those sustainable trails long term.



Trails for Illinois are in need of two things. Buchtel notes those interested in supporting the effort financially are encouraged to seek out the Weldon Springs Foundation but they also need volunteers come mid-October.



To get more information about volunteer opportunities at Weldon Springs, visit trailsforillinois.org and find the 'Make Trails Fun' tab. Buchtel indicates you can sign up there and get all the details about the upcoming volunteer days at Weldon Springs. 

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